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Across the Generations

Present Day offices and job sites now hold a never-before-seen record. You take the train into the city with coffee in hand and expect a normal day at work.  On your way, you pass up a car where an older gentleman steps down wistfully taking his time before entering the office. Brisking by you, a[…]

Always Be Closing

Learn The Sales A.B.C.’s

A – Always  B – Be  C – Closing Always Be Closing You’ll find that every direct marketing or sales office has this acronym tattooed on a wall or within their training packet.  And for a good reason.  Maybe you’ve seen it? Making the “close” at any stage in the sales conversation acts as the[…]

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Dealing with Difficult People

Are you able to picture a difficult person to work with?  The particular way their words sound, or lack of conversation, creates a frustrated feeling in your chest. Truth is, that same difficult person you know also works well with a certain “group” of people. It is different for every one of your “difficult” persons, but[…]

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Time for a Promotion, Now Ask

Climbing higher, the corporate ladder becomes increasingly smaller.  Positions become more competitive, and office politics play an even larger role than we first imagined them.   Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?   Waiting for your supervisor to approach you about the next promotion or raise works well in situations where seniority on the job[…]


4 Steps to the Perfect Interview

After nearly three months and fifty applications, you have an interview scheduled for next week.  Out of two choices, which would you choose? 1. Memorize the top Fifty Interview questions of the year and hope they are asked? 2. Learn a four step answering technique to answer every question positively?   I didn’t have time[…]


Discover the Power of Listening

I could tell you exactly how to listen best to certain persons and gain the highest rapport, but I’m going to let you discover this for yourself. The truth of the matter is that most people want to feel like they’re a part of something, big or small, victor or victim, most people want to[…]

Sell Me This Pen

Sell Me This Pen

The classic sales interview question.  Here’s the real question, do they actually need a pen? Now stretch out that question so that it applies to you.  Do your clients actually need your product?  Do your co-workers need to listen to your idea?  In your opinion, they may need to, maybe so in reality, but is it true[…]