Magnetizing Your Business: Successful Recruiting

Successfully Recruiting Top-Notch People is Hard There’s no “getting around it.”  Take an assortment of managers from any field and ask them about their biggest problems: 1. turnovers, 2. finding good people, these would rank among the top.  This gets even more difficult in a crunch situation where the last job to go is the[…]

Blessing a Business in China Town

The Business Melting Pot in 5 Phenomenons

Your workforce is becoming very diverse, and since you’ve noticed it, you’ll find benefit in knowing the differences between the cultures.  Geert Hofstede, a Dutch Social Psychologist created these five points for determining cultural differences; in marketing we may see these referred to as value orientations.         What do these all mean[…]

On stage with our roles

If the World is a Stage, Get What You Need in Scene One

You know that you don’t act the same way with your boss as your best friend, or the same way with an instructor as at a party.  According to one of the best known Sociologist’s, Erving Goffman:    We participate in a situation based upon the role we decide upon and enact.  Defining this situation[…]

Green Communication

The Four Types of Misunderstandings

Christina:  “The other day, via email someone had a spelling error and of course spell checker wouldn’t catch it.  Again, it was between two people who hadn’t met face to face, because if they had, they would have known that the girl who sent the email would never be sarcastic to a manager.  She had[…]