4 Steps to the Perfect Interview

After nearly three months and fifty applications, you have an interview scheduled for next week.  Out of two choices, which would you choose? 1. Memorize the top Fifty Interview questions of the year and hope they are asked? 2. Learn a four step answering technique to answer every question positively?   I didn’t have time[…]


Discover the Power of Listening

I could tell you exactly how to listen best to certain persons and gain the highest rapport, but I’m going to let you discover this for yourself. The truth of the matter is that most people want to feel like they’re a part of something, big or small, victor or victim, most people want to[…]


Magnetizing Your Business: Successful Recruiting

Successfully Recruiting Top-Notch People is Hard There’s no “getting around it.”  Take an assortment of managers from any field and ask them about their biggest problems: 1. turnovers, 2. finding good people, these would rank among the top.  This gets even more difficult in a crunch situation where the last job to go is the[…]