The Gender Gap

Will You Meet me Halfway?

In high school I was that guy who unhappy girlfriends and boyfriends called to vent and complain too, and was it ever about their family?  Sometimes; BUT their significant other always came up.  The same thing goes on today with my friends.  You said it before, and definitely had it said about you,

“I just don’t understand them! Why are they so difficult?  They never want to talk about what’s bothering them.”

Sit tight, you’re not alone, and after only four minutes this video we produced will give you a gigantic stepping stone into the lives of the opposite gender.

(1) Number One

It is important to go back to Knowing your Roles in a conversation.  Is your company culture more masculine or feminine, and are you attempting to recruit (yes, recruit) clients who are the “opposite gender” of a company culture?  You’ve found out that you speak to guys with more ‘what’ and ‘why’ sentences and gals with more of ‘how’ and ‘who.’  The winner of the conversation is usually the one who speaks least; that person is the one who makes the decision.

(2) Number Two

You could even replace the mentality of masculine and feminine with the almost cliché hunter and gatherer position.  The hunter completes one narrowed task and is proud of the completion of a task which they neglected rest, comfort, and relationships – sound like a contract deal or outside account?  The gatherer completes many eclectic tasks to fill many baskets and is proud of being able to support so many others – inside sales or HR should come to mind.

(3) Number Three

The minute you gain knowledge you receive responsibility to act.  Is your company a hunter or gatherer?  In today’s world it must contain both.  You’ve already learnt the importance of creating a structured foundation for your company and relationships, now give others the tools to do the same.  Create a culture that expands beyond your mission statement today.