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Culture Creation

The truth is that we are so immersed in our job we lose sight of why certain things are done a certain way.  A modern anthropologist stated at a conference I attended that:

It is always those cultures that are strongest which do not require as many rules and written structures as those who are weak in their culture.

In other words, the more that cultures are mixed the more rules that are required to keep it together.  Do you have many cultures all functioning together at work and need everyone to get on the same page?  Try out creating your own recession proof culture today like the powerhouses in your market.

Recession Proof Your Culture

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What are your employees talking about?

It was found that there are four common stories which surface anytime a new employee or potential new hire ask about a company.  The answers always spoke about feelings related towards supervisors, co-workers, advancement, and workload.  You would be right in thinking that there is no possibility of keeping employees from talking about the facts, and the facts may never change.  A strengthened culture cannot change the facts, but changes the perspectives.  Strengthen you team’s perspectives with a supportive corporate culture today.

Create Stories



Clear Communication that gets Results 

I began coaching young sales professionals on overcoming new hurdles in their fields.  Today SpiritVie expands relationship building techniques to management, teams, marketers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.  A favorite client has been an Art Therapist whose business is exploding from repeat clients.  If you’re on that plateau then take charge today.

Expect Results

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Are you about to interview?

Interviews may be intimidating for some people.  It is especially intimidating for people who attempt to memorize the top fifty interview questions only to be asked the fifty-first question at the interview.  You may even be an entrepreneur at an investor pitch, of which you’ll find out soon enough that they must buy “you” long before they’ll invest in your product.  No one will stop you from memorizing the top fifty questions or the “best” sales pitch at your office, but we will offer a simple five step conversation that is natural, congenial, and takes control of the direction.

Take Control

Teams become effective

The most effective team is the team who is collaborative and autonomous.  Once duties are decided upon, that team must be able to accomplish their goals and realize when extra help is needed if they are to remain competitive.  Every team has different dynamics from gender, age, and background.  Any employee at any level benefits from understanding others better.  One Baby Boomer client even shared that he took what he learned from the course to his family; building up his favorite team.

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Train the Trainer 

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself.  If it meant that you could still get all of your work done, get home on time, and have a pay raise you would train everyone personally; just because you need them to do the job correctly and not just industry standard.  If this is you, then you need to feel comfortable with the training being given to your people.  You need to know that what is being taught is correct and also easily remembered.

Replicate the Best

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A Kiss

Yes, keep it sweetly simple.  You may have heard it a different way and that’s alright, everyone had a different trainer.  What’s important is that every one of your trainers and employees is on the same page and learning the intricate details of their position in the easiest way possible, the way that they understand.  Learn how people learn best and how to tell in seconds without them taking a written test or oral exam.  Even though some trainers prefer to improvise “as problems occur” we can make that constructive and cohesive.  Today is the best day to qualify your team.

Simple Solutions